Why you don’t need to spend ££££ for it to be an investment piece

I’ve been really getting into investment pieces recently. I don’t know if you have noticed on my feed but the same items keep popping up in different outfits, just styled slightly differently.

I love the concept of having an item that will last you years and that goes with so many outfits and can be worn again and again.

But whenever I read blogposts or watch YouTube videos about investment or classic pieces, they always show items that cost a bomb and say that the money will pay off in the long run.

But what if you don’t have the capacity to spend ££££ on a coat, just because in a year or two you’ll get your wear out of it? Why do people always pair investment with expensive.

I do have some expensive items that are investment pieces. But I also have some more inexpensive that have been just as much an investment. One thing you’re looking for when you think of investment is quality. And that doesn’t always come hand in hand with the price tag.

Some high street stores sell really high quality items that will last year in, year out. I have a gorgeous Zara bag I have owned for 5 years now and it’s still lasting me!

When looking for items that will last you, just look out for good quality goods, and sometimes you don’t need to break the bank to afford them.

The next thing you’re looking for is the style of the item. Don’t go for something that is hot this season, go for a more classic style that will still look good next year and the year after that.

Again, high street stores cater for hot in style pieces as well as classics, so just shift through the season sellers and find your little gold mine!

If you’re looking at investing in a few longer lasting pieces, don’t fret yourself by thinking that you’ll have to spend a bucket load. It’s not always the case!