Things You’re Spending Too Much Money On And How To Cut Back

I am not great with money. I am useless at budgeting, I suck at saving and my bank balance just seems to slip through my fingers. BUt being a student as encouraged (or more forced) me to cut back on my spending and take a good look at exactly what it is that is draining my bank balance. I wont lie. The result kinda shocked me.

Just cutting back on a few unnecessary luxuries has saved me SO MUCH MONEY. Like SO MUCH. And I can honestly garuntee that you can save in these areas too (and barely notice the difference).

– Let’s go for coffee’ –

Just a simple phrase. Something that you hear daily and don’t think that much of. But take a step back to think about how much coffee costs when you eat out. I could buy a bloody handbag for the price of a starbucks these days. And yes their coffee is great and yes its a nice setting to make a social point. But what’s wrong with your own home?

I wont lie, my house is full of tasty snacks, a hella lotta tea and good coffee. And for anyone that states that they don’t have this in their house almost 24/7 I call bullsh*t. And if you don’t GO DOWN TO ASDA BABE.

Buying snacks and treats from your local supermarket is so damn cheaper than buying them each time at Starbucks. And inviting people to have a coffee round your house is not only cheaper but a bit more personal, a perfect way to have a catch up with an old friend.

– Getting your coffee hit –

Okay okay, I know I am talking a lot about coffee but seriously HOW MUCH DO YOU SPEND ON COFFEE GIRL?!

I was always awful for just picking a quick coffee on my way to work or grabbing on in my lunch break. But that adds up. It adds up a lot. SO I have starting taking in a flask with me. I bring in a flask of coffee or tea and it lasts me most of the day. Having this is the perfect way to get your caffeine hit without forking out for something that will go cold within the hour.

– Supermarkets –

Never did I ever think I would be talking about where you are getting your food shop here on petiteelliee, but here we are. Have you ever taken a step back and looked at exactly where you are shopping and how much they are charging for the exact same crap?

Even if its just the odd 50p more expensive than the other place, that 50p adds up. Buy it 4 times and you could have bought yourself that coffee you were craving earlier. No but seriously, shopping smarter can save you a hella lot of money. Long gone are the days when people felt a loyalty to a certain supermarket. Now it’s all about getting the best options for the best price.

– Drinking out –

I am all for going down to the pub and having a few drinks with your mates. But how much is that actually costing you? As a student, we are VERY proud of our prinks game in saving us money. But actually having pre drinks isnt just a student thing and can be done for any event. If you are thinking of hitting the pub, you can always crack open a few at home, just to make you spend less when you are out.

Or you can always just have a night at home drinking. Have a few friends round, get them to bring their own drink and have a laugh in the comfort in your own home. Trust me, it will save you a lot in the long run.

– Transport –

Okay girl, just how many Ubers are you getting a week? How much is coming out of your account for taxis? It’s time to start thinking about a more economically efficient way to get yourself about. Whether that’s the bus, the tube or EVEN USING YOUR LEGS. There are so many other ways of transport that will stop those pennies escaping your purse. Use them!

– Eating out –

Of course this was going to come up. OF COURSE. But as minnenials, we are notorious for eating out or even getting deliveries and OMG they are so expensive. You should limit yourself to JUST ONE delivery or meal out a week. That way you can spend more time in the kitchen, whipping something up rather than forking out on yet another Dominoes.

When it comes to spending and saving, I am by no means an expert. But I promise you this, if you just cut down on these few little unnecessary luxuries, you will notice the pennies adding up.