Diving into the Straw Trend this Summer

A trend that you cannot escape from this summer is the straw trend. It’s everywhere. Magazines, blogs, instagram, pinterest. And frankly, I am loving it. I have always adored adding more natural pieces to my outfits and just LOVE the raw, organic vibe that it creates. When it comes to jumping on trends, however, I am always a little hesitant. There is no way that I am going to spend £40 on a new bag just for it to be ‘out’ next year. Which is why it’s taken me thing long to right about the straw trend- but its come back a few years now and I don’t see it going anyway so it’s time for PetiteElliee to dive into the trend and swim with it (see what I did there)


Summer hats are my FAAAAVE. As a girl who burns easily and is NOT designed for heat, I love me a summer hat. Not only does it hide my greasy hair but it also adds a little extra to an outfit. Here are my favourite straw summer hats this year


I always always the girl who said that she would NEVER even touch the basket bag trend but okay, oops, here we are. The main reason I always steered clear of them is because of how bloody impractical they are- something that hasnt changed but we’re looking passed that cause they are just soooo pretty


Adding that pop of straw into sandals is SO IN right now and I am loving it! Not only does it give me a bit of height but its a PERFECT way to get yourself involved in the trend without going all out with large, statement products.