Wear Your SPF Kids And My Summer Plans

I am not a tanner. Fake tanner? Sure. Real, sitting in the sun turning golden brown as the day goes on. No.

I do not tan. I just burn. I turn a keep shade of red, then go back to pale. I get heat rash and sore skin and, UGH, it’s just not a pretty site. I have always been very good at wearing SPF and never leave the house without at least factor 30 (I have ginger in my blood), but have aways struggled to find an SPF that doesn’t break me out and doesn’t leave my skin feeling sticky.

Recently I was introduced to the City Smart serum, which was gifted to me from the Elizabeth Arden team and MY GOODNESS did I fall in love?! Before you think OKAY SPONSORED POST, I am not being paid in any way to talk about it. I was simply gifted a few items and it is my choice to be telling you about it because I know how many of you suffer from the same issue.

Any conversation I have with people about SPF includes moans about how sticky you feel, how shiny you look and, move of all, how much it breaks you out. For me, breakouts are always inevitable in summer, what with all the sweating and all the clogging on suncream…. but I actually find the city smart to be really light in texture and feel almost like a BB cream when rubbing into the skin.

The best part about the serum is that it is actually slightly pigmented, which means that it evens out the skin tone while applying it. Recently I have been wearing it without even any foundation on top and have LOVED the natural glow it leaves! In a week or so I am actually off to Spain and am debating whether to even bother bringing any form of foundation, because I honestly think I will just be living in the city smart serum!

I honestly feel so passionate about protecting your skin in summer (I literally force it upon my friends because I get so mad when they say they don’t need any). Even if you are a tanner, sun protection is so important in keeping your skin youthful and healthy. Which is why I am LIVING in the city smart protection this summer!