My Evening Skincare Routine

You know how much I love my skin care. Hmmm yess gimme 10 different serums to try and, hey, why not add 3 different moisturisers to the mix. But recently with my new job, I have been finding myself with less and less time in the evenings to dedicate to rubbing different lotions and potions into my face.

So I needed something with a little less fuss.

And also something that would keep my skin nice and glowy cause LOL am I the only person who’s skin FREAKS OUT as soon as it is exposed to a little bit of sun? Help me.

Recently I have whittled my evening pamper to 3 little products- and actually have been loving the result! My skin still feels so healthy, so dewy and so hydrated with only these three products.

Elizabeth Arden 8 hour night cream

WHAT A CULT. But seriously, I cannot be without my 8 hour baby. I stayed at a friends recently and LOL OKAY DRY DRY DRY skin the next morning!! I just adore how thick and creamy this little tub is (I mean sure my boyfriend calls me lube face for the rest of the evening, but trust me it’s worth it)

Elizabeth Arden Superstar Skin Renewal Booster

For a full disclaimer, I was actually really kindly gifted this from the lovely PR team at Elizabeth Arden but SWEET DIGGITY is it a game changer. I was told to add it to my very day routine after my moisturiser and that it would ‘enhance’ my complexion, which sounded a bit odd but HOLY MAMMA did it! I don’t know how or what or why but this serum has made my skin just look so healthy (I honestly cannot think of a better word) I am getting so many compliments, even with wearing minimal makeup in this heat. LOVE LOVE LOVE

Elizabeth Arden (lol oops what can I say- big fan) 8 Hour Lip Cream

It was actually my boyfriend’s mum who introduced me to this lip cream back when we were skiing with his fam because lol mountains, chapped lips, not pretty.

Aaaaand I haven’t stopped using it since. Like non stop. I think I have gone through about 3 tubes of the stuff and do not plan on stopping. I’ll admit, the only thing I hate about it is that it does feel very thick when you put it on- but that does fade quite quickly and just leaves your lips feeling very moisturised and smooth!

And that’s it. That is literally all I have been using in the evenings on my face. I’m kinda liking the stripped back, less fuss routine. What products are you loving right now?