A Little Life Update

Hi, hello, remember me? I used to be that girl who posted 3 blogposts a week and was always active and always creating new content and oops, I have not been that girl recently. So first of all I want to apologise for that, it’s so hard when you are a content creator and life starts getting a bit busy because all you want to do is create content but sometimes that really needs to take a back seat. So what’s been going on you ask?


The main thing is that I started a new job this summer which has taken up a great deal of my time, for those asking, I am a social media assistant for a beauty media company, which is raaaather exciting. Its such a fun job and so far its been amazing- such a learning curve and full of challenges, but I am optimistic about the future!

And although this has been really exciting and really enjoyable- its taken a lot out of me. Being in a new job requires a but of getting used to- and a bit of adjustment. So I have been allowing myself a little bit of time to just get to grips with the role, the company and all the requirements of my new role.

ALSO you may have seen- the mooove!! Me and Alex have moved house this weekend (nothing too exciting, just a new place which is a bit nicer than our last) and MY GOD packing is stressful. It’s always crazy when you have to pack up your life and realise how much pure sh*t you own. Like seriously, can minimalists teach me your way? Like pls.

And with this weather, the move has not been easy. I mean I went a few days without showering and OMFG I feel so gross and so sweaty and so smelly and lol why does it feel like we are in Spain?

So I guess that’s it at the moment- just those two things really but they have been two big things that have been taking up so much of my time! As of now, I have gotten a little more settled and am so much more excited about creating content again (Seriously I’ve missed you guys), so get ready to see lots of newness and lots of excitement over on PetiteElliee (but also pls be patient with me because this work life balance is something that I am really having to learn on the job)