An Honest Talk About Weight Gain

Weight is a horrible issue to talk about. It’s such a taboo topic and not something that you would use as an opener to a cocktail party (who eve goes to cocktail parties). So let’s not skirt around the issue here- I have gained weight.

I mean it’s something that you probably haven’t noticed and whenever I mention it people always comments saying ‘nooo you havent’ and ‘youre beutiful’ but its true. I have gained weight.

t’s something that I have been thinking about recently and something I spoke about with my boyfriend. The conversation went something like this

‘I swear being girl is so expensive like my weight fluctuates so much I have to spend so much money on clothes’

‘Huh. That’s not a problem that guy shave to face is it?’

And he’s right. It’s not.

Being a girl, my weight can change a whole size just from being on my period. My bely bloats. My boobs grow. My legs and ankles go up a size.

It’s so unfair, but it’s nature.

We are so obsessed with weight in our generation. We are constantly being bombarded with insta goals and magazine models and fitness journeys and sometimes its a little too much. Sometimes I just want to throw my phone away and go and eat a whole pizza to myself.

So I think it’s about time that we normalise weight. We normalise that, hey, you aren’t always going to be your perfect weight and MAYBE you’ll have a few belly rolls and MAYBE you own more than one chin and MAYBE your jeans don’t do up anymore. But hey, it’s all life baby and I’m just living it.