Workwear Styling

As you may be aware, I recently started a new internship this summer (I know v exciting) and came to a very frank reaisation- I own no workwear. I have a very casual style- I mean I live in denim and slogan tees and ditsy summer dresses. So when it came to starting my internship I had a LITTLE panic about what the hell I was going to wear- cue me finding an excuse to do a massive clothing haul and buy lots of new pieces.

But I got inundated with messages from you all- who seemed to have similar struggles to me! Turns out workwear styling (especially in summer) aint easy. Soooooo ya girl is here to help you out (you’re welcome). Here are my favourite pieces to be styling into the office during a scorcher.


I fricking LOVE culottes, especially when its hot… I mean who wants fabric clinging to you in 30 degree heat? Not this girl. And above all, they are very work appropriate! All hail the culotte trend.

Crayola Colours

I LOOOOVE the Crayola colour trend at the moment- and LOVE wearing into the office. When it comes to light, summery clothes, I find that adding that pop of colour makes you look so much more like a bad ass and a girl boss. So rock those bright colours into the office- I promise you’ll look FINE

Midi skirts

Want to get a bit of a breeze without feeling like you’re flashing your knicks to the whole office? I just adore the midi skirt trend and think it is the PERFECT item to make me feel confident, sassy and a bit bad assy


When it comes to shoes, I DO NOT want to be having sweaty feet under the desk, so sandals are my best friend- here are my faves from the highstreet for some office styling!


AAaaaaaand of course I can’t not include my fave thing to wear in sweaty weather (granted you don’t mind getting naked in the office bathroom)