Why You Can Still Be A Strong, Independent Woman In A Relationship

There is such a common misconception about independence. People assume that you have to be single. They assume that if you are in a relationship and have a boyfriend/ girlfriend, then you immediately lose all sense individuality and merge into this couple.

Well imma here to tell you that that, my friend, is a lie.

Just because you are in a relationship/ are seeing someone/ have a partner/ girlfriend/ boyfriend does not mean that you lose your independence. It does not make you any less of a strong woman and it does not change a damn thing if you dont want it to.

Doing everything as a couple

One of the main misconceptions is that as soon as you become a couple, you are that couple. You are no longer an individual. You are a two-person band. You go to parties together. You go home at the same time. You spend your whole weekends together. You visit family together… etc etc etc.

This is the biggest load of bull that I have ever heard. If you want to go to a party alone, you go girl! If you want to go visit your mamma without your parter with you. Do it! If you need a bubble bath and an overnight stay in another city, aint no one stopping you.

What strengthens a relationship is spending time apart, and being okay with spending time apart. Do things together, but also do things on your own. So if you want to be a strong, independent woman who attends parties solo and can happily leave the boy (or girl) at home, then you go girl!

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Asking permission

Another huge misconception that so many people have is that when you are in a relationship, you need to ask permission for everything and OMG THAT COULD NOT BE MORE WRONG.

I mean, sure, if you are about to make some big, life-altering decision which may affect your partner then of course it is okay to discuss it with them. But when it comes to making decisions, the ultimate say comes down to you. And being in a relationship does not change who gets the final say.

Being a strong, independent woman

Being in a relationship changes nothing. It does not give you less of a voice. It does not affect your ability to be who you are and it, above all, does not stop you from being a strong, independent woman.

Over and out.

Photography by Ami Ford