Why Investing In Luxury Pieces Means More Than Just £££

I adore luxury pieces. Whether it’s a coat, a bag or a pair of shoes, I find a lot of joy in investing in those pieces which are a little more expensive and make you feel like a queen. But when it comes to investing in luxury pieces, something that I have learnt very quickly is that ‘investing’ involves more than just handing over your cash.

It involves time, care, storage… the list goes on. So here are my top tips for caring for luxury pieces, and how it involves a lifelong investment, not just a simple purchase.


When it comes to luxury pieces, your time is your best friend. By this I mean, don’t rush it. When looking at investing in a more expensive piece, you should really consider how much you want it. Whim purchases will always end in tears (and a dent in your bank balance). So give yourself time, make up your mind and make up your mind again.


Luxury pieces involve a hell of a lot of care. Whether that’s cleaning products, protection products or simply not wearing suede when it’s raining. Caring for your luxury pieces is something that you are not going to regret. Leather spray, suede cleaner and dust bags are your new best friend.


Something that so many people make the mistake of, is storing their luxury pieces. Finding the right storage for them is probably one of the most important aspects of owning a luxury piece. Keeps bags away from direct sunlight, use boot fillers and hand coats up with a hanger. Storing pieces badly can change the whole colour or shape of your item and might end in a few tears.

If you have already or are thinking of investing into some luxury items, I would highly recommend it! But remember that investing into a luxury item involves more than just a monetary investment. So make sure the piece is worth your time, and your care.

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*coat gifted from Lavish Alice