Autumn Fashion Tips I Wish I Had Known Sooner

You may have noticed that I have been LOVING fashion right now. As many of us do, I fall in and out of love with fashion, with styling and with having to actually think about the clothes that are going over my body. But this autumn, I have been in LOVE with fashion. I have really enjoyed experimenting with style, mixing up my fashion and just generally playing around with clothes.

Along with this season’s experimentation, there have been a lot of lessons learnt. A few mistakes made and some knew-found wisdom which I shall now pass onto you, young Padawans.

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1- A vest is your new best friend

We have had a rather mild autumn this year, but it has been without it’s chills. I can’ tell you how many days I have been caught out y the glorious sunshine only to find that I am actually freezing my tits off and wishing I had something warmer on. Maybe not something as big as a coat… cue your new best friend. A vest.

I know, I know. Vests are something that our parents used to have to force over our heads as we squirmed away and said ‘no I’ll be warm enough’ BUT I HAVE NOW COME OVER TO THE DARK SIDE AND SO WILL YOU.

As uncool and granny-ish as vests look when you strip your clothes off, all everyone else will see is a snuggly, chic gal strutting her stuff in the most gorgeous, autumnal outfit known to man. And you’ll be smug in the knowledge of what is hiding underneath the layers.

2- Accessories, accessories, accessories

For me, autumn is the perfect time to play around with accessories. In winter its waaaay to cold to think about what you’re wearing and in summer you’re so hot you just want to carry a plastic bag and be done with it. So autumn is the time to really become your own fashion-ista with your accessories. I love mixing around with textures, prints, patterns and even unusual colours with my accessories. It really does add such a talk-piece to any mundane outfit.

3- You can never own too many boots

I recently wrote a post about my favourite ankle boot styles for autumn, so I guess this follows up that post. Let me lay it out for you:


Boots with skirts, boots with trousers, boots with jeans, over the knee boots, chelsea boots, ankle boots, knee high boots, leather boots, suede boots, sock boots, fluffy boots… do I need to continue?

4- You still need sunnies

So many people think that as soon as summer is over, their sunglasses go away. Wrong. I actually find that autumn can have such a harsh sun and defo requires some shade on that face. So keep bringing out the different styles and let your frames add something to the outfit.

I have really been enjoying fashion content at the moment and I think you can see just how much of a fan of autumn I really am!