Tips For The Ultimate Wardrobe Clear Out

I won’t lie, I love clear outs. I get kind of excited when I notice that my wardrobe is getting to a point where I need to take a close look at it and shift through my items, deciding what is going to stay and what should go. I LOVE IT.

But I understand that I am a bit on an anomaly and 90% of the population don’t feel quite the way that I do. And recently I read ‘The Curated Closet’, I read that I would definitely recommend. After reading I feel so inspired and motivated and excited to clear through my wardrobe and find my style perfectly and live with less clutter and OMG I AM SO EXCITED ITS ALL TOO MUCH.

So today I am channelling this motivated feeling and sharing my tips for clearing out your wardrobe.

Clear an entire day for it

You would not believe how long wardrobe clear outs take. First time I did one I only set aside a few hours and THAT WAS NOT ENOUGH. I would recommend an entire day, also because then you can just take your time, whack on some music and have fun while doing it. There is nothing worst than rushing and not having enough time to look through everything. So be sure to give yourself plenty of time.

Get a buddy

If you are someone who hates these things, it would definitely help you rope in a friend or your mum or a boyfriend to help you go through it. That way you can get a second opinion on things and also, when you start to lag you have someone there to pull you up and drag you through it. Personally I like to do it alone, but if you are someone who dreads their wardrobe, then bringing someone in to help will definitely make it less of a torture.

Don’t get everything out at once.

So many people advice taking out your entire wardrobe and going through the piles. NO. I hate doing this. Seeing the huge amount of things I need to go through just overwhelms me hugely and makes me not want to sort it. The technique that I like to use is just go through each item, one by one and really think about whether you enjoy wearing it, whether you feel good in it and whether you should hold onto it. If the answer is no, put it in the sell or charity or (in extreme cases) bin pile and move onto the next item. If you choose to keep it, I like to put the item on the bed and move on, that way when you are finished, you can see exactly what you have go left and then work out how to organise it back into the wardrobe.

Put your out of season items away

When it comes to seasonal items, I always store them in a separate place to the items I am wearing at the time. I hate seeing summer items when its 2 degrees outside and vice versa with my knitwear. If you put away your out of season clothing, you can really focus on the items in front of you and go through them.

If you are like me and love clearing out your wardrobe then HIT A GIRL UP LETS HAVE A CLEAR OUT PARTY