The Accessories You Need This Autumn/ Winter

I love autumn winter. Mainly because its the time where I feel the most adventurous with my style. Its the time where I experiment, layer and accessorise. So now that its getting a lot colder I am getting even more excited about it. I cannot wait to crack out my favourite accessories and style them with some hella cute outfits for the chilly weather.

So lets chat about the accessories that you NEED for your autumn winter wardrobe.

Dainty Necklaces

I LOVE styling dainty necklaces. I used to only wear one necklace- my granny’s old one that she wore everyday. And although that will always hold its sentimental value and I will always love it, I have been really enjoying mixing up whats on my neck. And Jewellery Box have been really encouraging me to expand my necklace collection and experiment with a few different styles. Jewellery box have hands down THE BEST collection of dainty necklaces and I am so in love with so many of these! You can actually shop their necklaces HERE.

My favourite way to style them is with a baggy jumper, having it as a statement in the outfit. I feel that this way it makes the baggy jumper look so much more feminine and girly, where otherwise it could look a bit lazy. My favourite necklace from this collection is this sterling silver wishbone necklace- its so gorgeous and such a statement piece in any outfit!


We all need a good scarf. They are the ultimate way to keep you warm yet looking cute when it gets colder. I love styling scarfs with layering pieces and being able to add it to the outfit to make me look completely put together. This scarf is a FAVE of mine at the time as it goes with so many outfits and looks so chic. I feel like you could be wearing almost anything and yet throw a scarf on and you look put together.

I especially love how scarfs look with little bits of jewellery such as dainty earrings. These jewellery box pieces go so well and look so chic with a scarf!


You know I love my belts. I love how a statement belt can really pull an outfit together and make it look so much more expensive. You could be wearing a budget outfit, with a £2 primark top and yet add this Gucci belt to it and you look like an expensive, put together girl. I adore tucking in shirts or jumpers into jeans and throwing on my gold Gucci belt- so effortless and so chic!

Stacking Rings

When it comes to chilly weather, I love being able to experiment with my jewellery and these stacking rings are the perfect way to do so! Sterling silver is my favourite metal to stack and these cuties from Jewellery Box are the perfect pieces to mix and match. They have so many pieces on their site starting at as little as £6, and are so easy to mix up and style. I adore being able to change these up and give different styles with my rings. Shop them HERE.

I hope you are as excited as I am about the colder weather and these styling tips will help you pick up the perfect accessories for autumn/ winter!

* this is sponsored content but all opinions are my own 🙂 xx