Can We Combine Comfort And Fashion?

I am a very comfort girl. 90% of the time, I will put comfort first when choosing an outfit and if something is not comfortable, you can garuntee that I will either not last the day in it, or take it off AS SOON AS I get home. I am sure that a lot of you also suffer with the struggle of, do I want to look good or do I want to feel good? There has been so many occasions where I am literally been looking forward to getting home just so that I can take off my outfit.

But what about when we combine fashion and comfort? I mean do we really need to sacrifice our style in order to feel okay?


So I am talking about how we can combine fashion and style with feeling comfy cosy.

Turtle Necks

You all better believe that turtle necks are cool. Turtle necks look good and chic and classy and guess what- THEY ARE SO COMFY. Especially now that the weather is getting so much colder, you DO NOT want to be compromising on your warmth. So turtle necks are the perfect piece to keep your cosy, yet look extra chic too.

Elastic Waist

I sound like such a granny right now, but when something doesnt have an elastic waist, or just has no give to it, its a no from me. I want to be able to enjoy a bit of cake and bloat a little without feeling suffocated by my pants. So many highstreet stores are copping on that we want comfy trousers and elastic waists are everywhere right now. I feel like they don’t compromise on style, and yet feel so much comfier to wear.

Fluffy Fluff

I love the fluffy trend at the moment. Fluffy jumpers. Fluffy bags. Fluffy coats. ITS EVERYWHERE. And its truly amazing when it comes to comfort because who isnt a snuggly little bunny in a fluffy coat? I am so in love with this Aviator jacket, the fluffy lining keeps me so warm and just feels like I am wrapped up in a blanket ALL DAY EVERYDAY. So yessss to the fluffy trend.

Less Denim

I have such a love hate relationship with denim. I dont know what it is but I never know whether it suits me or just highlights the bits I dont like. I dont find it overly comfortable and I just feel so constricted. To the people who can lounge around the house in denim, what is wrong with you?? I have been replacing my denim with stylish trousers at the moment and I am kind of loving how comfy I feel as well as how confident they make me!

When it comes to wanting to be comfy, I feel like you really do not need to sacrifice on style. Just be savvy with how you dress and embrace the cosy trends!