The Petite Girl’s Guide To Jeans


I must get a minimum of 2-3 messages a day asking for advice for jeans shopping as a petite girl.  And I get it, jeans shopping is a sicken thought for any girl… but when you’re petite you may as well just take your self to the slaughter house and be done with it. Hell on earth.


And as a girl who pride herself on being able to just make things work despite her crippling short height and lack of leg, I thought that I would share my next petite girl’s guide on the most asked about topic.


SO I have two versions of the story when I get asked how to buy jeans when you’re a petite girl.


Short story, I cut them.



I get asked for links of the jeans I’m wearing and SO MANY TIMES I will get follow-up comments saying ‘these aren’t the same jeans, you’re wearing a raw hem and the link you’ve sent has a normal hem’. So first off, sorry for the confusion, but second of all, yes I have sent the right jeans and those are the pair that I am wearing except the slight variable factor that I decided to take a pair of scissors to the ends in order to get them to fit.


And the long story? Well the long story involves extensive searching, multiple orders, thousands of try ons and a few very select places where I can actually buy the jeans.

One of the main reasons why I prefer to just cut my jeans is because petite jeans are the worst when it comes to sizing. I mean if someone could PLEASE explain to me why I’m a 30 waist everywhere else but a petite 30 doesn’t even go over my bum? Like surely inches can’t change? Surely inches are inches and 30 inches is the same across the bored?


Well apparently not.


Which is why I always prefer to simply cut the jeans and rock that raw hem. Here are some of the jeans which I have bought and cut myself and look HELLA cute.