An Addiction To Chasing Happiness


Happiness. It’s everyone’s overall goal, isn’t it? To be happy. To be so content with life that everyday you wake up smiling. You want to be as happy as you possibly can- happy with your job, happy with your relationships, your homes, your family, your appearance…. to be happy with your life.


But what happens when that goal for happiness, that dream that your chasing becomes more than just a goal? It becomes an addiction. And addiction to finding happiness.


It’s toxic.


Yet it’s where I am.



You see, in this digital age of MORE MORE MORE it is so easy to see happiness as a constantly moving target which you need to trace down. It’s that “I’ll be happy when” mentality…


“I’ll be happy when I move house”


“I’ll be happy when I loose the double chin”


“I’ll be happy when I get my new car”


And MY GOD it is exhausting. It’s exhausting to be constantly chasing something that is just out of reach. It’s just around the corner, close enough to see it, but far enough that it’s just too far to grab hold of.


A moving target if you will.



Recently I was thinking about the chase. Thinking about how addicting it is and thinking about how goddamn exhausted I am of it. And although I do believe that having that chase, the drive to chase it is so important in accelerating yourself forward in your job, your relationships and in life, I do think it is equally important to just be happy with where you are.


Remember that time when you used to dream about where you are now? Yeah. That.


So let’s just take a moment to try and kick the addiction, try and break the cycle and realise that we already are happy little souls.