The Home Diaries- Let’s Talk Shelfies



I have been seriously loving sharing my home tips and it seems like you guys have been enjoying them too! So it’s the next post in the home diaries and today I’m talking about one of my FAVE topics and my FAVES things to style. Shelves! I think when it comes to interior, I go for a half Marie-Kondo approach and half hoarder. I’m Marie Kondo in the sense that if it does not spark joy, then it needs to go (and that especially applies to shelfies). But I’m also half hoarder because I seem to find joy in a lot of decorative pieces, styling items and trinkets. In short, having busy shelves provides me with a sh** load of joy. SO seeing as this is literally my favourite interior item, I thought I would chat through the thought process I go through when styling up my shelves.



Every time someone says ‘layers’ I just think of that scene from Shrek but HEAR ME OUT. Layering items, textures, sizes, colours are what work best for shelf styling and what will make the jumbled mess look a little less like a charity shop.




I adore books and adding them to my shelves in order to add different heights, colours and styles. I sometimes stand the books up, sometimes lay them down and add bits on top of them. Take your favourite books and showcase them. If you think the books aren’t very ‘aesthetic’ then the top interior tip is to turn them around to show the beige pages- that way they all match!


Change the shelf heights

Obviously you can’t do this with every shelving unit on the market but a lot offer a feature where you can pick and choose the height of each shelf. I love to change up the sizes between the shelves in order to create a bit of difference between each unit and add an extra dimension to the style.



Don’t over do it

As much as I LOVE a full set of shelves, it is so important to remember that a little bit of empty space never hurt no one. I can easily go overboard and want to fill every last nook, but actually, leaving a little bit of space works better and stops the unit from looking too cluttered.


Don’t be afraid to mix it up!

I am the most indecisive person you will ever meet and change my mind every two seconds. Although that might not be the most productive thing when it comes to pick purchases, it’s a good trait to have when it comes to shelves. I move pieces around, switch up styles and add or remove whatever doesn’t work. It keeps the shelves looking fresh and keeps me busy!