I’m Deciding To Be Productive, Not Busy


One of my biggest flaws is that I always think I need to be busy. If ever I have free time, my first thought goes to what work I can do to fill it. It doesn’t matter how much I have done that day, if I have a moment free, it needs to be filled with work. I think it comes from a mixture of things- the fact that my job is online so I never really switch off, the pressure I feel from seeing everyone else around me being busy, the guilt I feel for relaxing….


But recently I have decided that that is enough. I do not want to always be busy, always be working and always be doing something.


But I also know that my shiz still needs attending to. Emails need replying to, imagery needs to be taken, blogposts need to be written…. the list is endless.

SO I have made the life changing decision that being busy isn’t the desired goal. The goal is to be PRODUCTIVE. To be so productive that nothing distracts me from the to-do list until that to do list is done.



I forgot to mention that my other worst trait is that I am a cereal distracter. I start on emails and then get an instagram notification and before I know it I’ve spent 30 minutes engaging on the app. I try and write a blogpost and suddenly will get an email which needs immediate action. I’ll hear the washing machine beep. I’ll start editing and then switch to booking into a meeting.

I am the worst.


SO my new goal is that anything I start needs to be finished. Distractions need to be put to bed and procrastination needs to be put in its place.


I am going to be productive, not busy. I am going to smash through that to do list, and once it’s done I can chill on the rose with a glass of rose and pizza in hand rather than wolfing down dinner and sitting straight back to my laptop because I didn’t finish the jobs that needed doing that day. I am going to enjoy being productive, and then enjoy doing absolutely eff-all.


Hello productivity.