The Home Dairies – Where We Are Now


WELL WELL WELL this is something that it’s about time we pick back up again. I let the home diaries fall by the wayside a little last year, partially because when we had the move, everything happened so quickly but also partially because I just found other things to focus my time on. My youtube, being one of them. (If you haven’t subbed already, I’ll love you forever if you did). I started focusing my interior in video form and forgot what it meant to put pen to paper (figuratively, of course).

But it’s okay cause we’re back and better than ever, kicking off the home diaries with a big ol’ update on what’s gone on.




So we MOVED! I kind of assume that everyone knows it by now that we moved from the Midlands down to Berkshire, just west of London, but I’ve had a couple of instances that tell me otherwise.

So Alex and myself have packed up home and said goodbye to the Midlands life. I’ve had so many questions about why, but the main two reasons are jobs and family. I wanted to be closer to my fam so that I could have regular coffee dates with my mum, shopping trips with my sister and call my dad when there’s a leak! But we also both moved for work – being a blogger you need to be near London and the travel was just getting too much for me.

But we’re SO much happier here, Alex in my new job and me as a ‘London Blogger’ running around living our best lives. We’re in another two bed flat which is a little bigger than our last, and is the perfect size for lil’ ol’ two of us.




One of my favourite things that this move has meant is that we’ve really been able to express ourselves through our interiors more. We’ve been able to show our style a little more and have replaced things that we had before for practicality reasons for things more aligned with us.

If you hadn’t seen, a rather big update recently was our new sofa! We’ve been wanting a new, bigger sofa for a long time and are SO HAPPY with our new purchase… and yes, I know, we’re brave for going for white.


I think my next task is going to be my office / the spare room. I’ve struggled a bit with this room since moving in as I’ve focused so much on the main living room and kitchen areas. But I’m so excited to start updating the spare room and making it a space I’m excited to be in.


This post really has ignited my love for the home diaries and reminded me why I started this series – I hope you’re excited to see our interior journey continue in our little Berkshire flat and more!