Here’s To 2020 And Why It’s Going To Be The Best Year Ever


Well hello, hi, and happy new year. It’s been a little while since I sat down at my laptop and banged out a good ol’ blogpost, hasn’t it.


But we are BACK and better than ever baby.


Its a new year, a new bloody decade and I am so ready to get this year going with a bang.

I never used to be one who was huge on resolutions, as much as I love the prospect of a chance to start over and start a new… I always believed that you should be the best you every day of the year. But this year I feel like there’s something different in the air… maybe it’s the fact that it’s a whole new decade… maybe I’m still high on the firework fumes from the new year. Who knows.


Whatever it is, there’s something inside of me that I feel like has been reignited and my love for my job is fuller than ever before. Sorry, I know that’s cringe…. but looking back on 2019 and the accomplishments I have made has made me all the more excited for what 2020 has to offer.





So what are my plans for the year 2020… well to throw myself into my job, first and foremost.


I really want to bring back the regular blog updates and keep on top of my website properly. I sometimes let my blog fall by the wayside as I focused on other channels but this year I want to balance myself better between my Instagram, my Youtube and my blog. I’m thinking of reigniting my Newsletter too… so if you want to make sure you’re signed up for that so you get hit with the first one, click HERE.


I’m also posting regularly on my Youtube now which is VERY exciting… if you want to subscribe and stay up to date with the latest, click HERE.


I’ve got so many exciting things planned this year and so many travel things scheduled… kicking it off with a trip to Paris and then to Norway this January. You know I love my travel. I’m also really getting back into my interior posts this year so, of course, the home diaries will be making their comeback.


I have never been so excited for a new year and am already loving being thrown back into work… I hope you guys are excited as I am and are gonna stick around to see the year out with me in all it’s glory.