Take Your Look From Day To Night With Just Your Lipstick

In summer, we love all things capsule. Capsule wardrobe, capsule skin care routine… and now a capsule lipstick collection. I hate carting round hundreds of makeup products, so be able to have a capsule collection which can take me through day to night is literally the ideal situation. Being able to just pop two lipsticks (and two liners) in order to change up my entire look and be able to take me from day to night is the dream.

I am seriously loving the ArtDeco Lip Brilliance and Lip Liners at the moment. The liners are so smooth and easy to apply. I love how creamy they are because LOL MY LIPS ARE SO DRY RIGHT NOW and I really don’t need anything more drying on them all day. I have been adoring adding the lip brilliance glosses on top for a gorgeous sheen and a pop of colour.

The two shades that have been LIVING IN are Brilliant Romantic Pink for a day look and Brilliant Carmine for the transition into night. The creaminess of these lipglosses is to DIE for and I don’t find them sticky at all. If you want to shop the lipsticks and liners, you can buy them from Justmylook.com

Being able to take this look from day to night is such a dream, and something that I will be carrying on for the rest of summer!

*the products were gifted by Just My Look but all opinions are my own