Can We Stop Using ‘Petite’ As A Term Meaning Skinny

Recently I put out a tweet about a message that I had received regarding my size and my name PETITEelliee. In short, the person told me that I shouldn’t call myself petite because I wore I size 12.

First of all, RUDE.

Second of all, what?!

It suddenly occurred to me the twisted view that people have revolved around the term ‘petite’ and how damaging that is for us short girls.

In short (ha did you like that pun), petite revolves around height. When in clothing stores, they may offer a tall range and petite range, in order to be more inclusive and allow for TALLER and SHORTER girls to actually fit the clothes on the rails.

But it’s now been twisted. It’s been warped into petite, equating to size. After tweeting about my incident, I had soooo many messages from shorter girls who have experienced the same discrimination. And after a bit of investigation, it became apparent that high street stores don’t even stock petite ranges above a 14.

It seems that ‘mid size’ and ‘petite’ have become two opposing ranges which MUST NEVER CROSS….

But it’s ridiculous, no? I mean where are shorter girls above a 14 supposed to shop? Are they just suppose to accept that all their clothes must forever be trailing on the floor and covering their hands?

Society has changed the way we view petite girls. What once was an invention to become more inclusive has now warped into something that excludes more people than before!

Petite does not equate to size or weight or the width of your waist. I am a petite girl, I stand at 5 foot exactly, and I’m going to continue to call myself petite. Thank you very much