First Impression Fashion

Fashion makes an impact. It tells a story and gives a tiny glimpse into who you are as a person. Fashion matters. As do first impressions. And no matter how many times I hear ‘dont judge a book by its cover’ quoted at me, it doesnt change the fact that the first impression you will ever give is your appearance. So whether you see that as egotistical, narcissistic and archaic, or as a chance to show the world who you are in just a glance, that’s totally up to you.

As you may be away, I am the latter kinda gal. I LOVE making a statement with what I wear. I plan outfits meticulously depending on weather and location and situation or circumstance. Being able to show up in a boss babe outfit and create a hell of a first impression just makes my heart soar.

There are a few fashion pieces which always help me with my first impression. They make me feel like a boss babe and tell the world that I mean business. So if you want to make a hella first impression with what you’re wearing then here are my favourite style pieces to experiment with.


I love me some statement jewellery. Grab me a pair of big earrings and a few stacking rings and I am SET. I feel like big jewellery can make such an entrance. I recently picked up this pair of earrings from Lovisa and they are honestly the coolest things I have ever seen! The little faces are certainly a statement piece.


For me, bags are everything. I loooooove me a statement bag. I also love me a non-statement bag. I love big bags, small bags and oddly shaped-doesnt-really-meet-its-purpose bags. And when it comes to first impressions, I always look at my bag. For me, its all about planning ahead, thinking about what I will need/ might need/ will want to shove in there just in case. Sometimes I’ll even plan an outfit AROUND the bag, sad or savvy?


I love accessorising- but pairing the right accessories can be as important as wearing matching socks. I love juxtaposing my jewellery at the moment- I’m mixing metals, layering bold, brash pieces with delicate, dainty ones. So whether you’re a tassel earring kinda gal or the type who would rather stick to the same pandora rings day in, day out, being able to mix up and switch up your jewellery will really help you with your first impression.


For me, I love looking at patterns within my outfits. So many girls are bossing the clashing patterns at the moment (not really one for me but respect to the girls who are pulling that off!). Being able to match your pattern to your mood or even create a mood AROUND a pattern is my FAVE thing to do. 3 years ago I would never have touched anything leopard print, but now I’m pairing it with EVERYTHING I OWN. Mix it up, play around and have some fun.


One of my faaaaaave things to change up when styling outfits is the frames you stick on your face. I cannot tell you how many pairs of sunglasses I own (because I’ve lost count) My fave pair of sunglasses are my MK pair which cover my whole entire face. I mean aint no eye bags showing with them bad boys on! But whatever your mood, you can have a pair of tinted specs and WAHEYYYY first impression MADE.

I really love playing around with fashion and style (as you may be aware) so being able to tailor my first impression fashion to whatever I want believe to see me as is such an amazing feeling! Let me know what your favourite first impression fashion pieces are!