Pyjama Tees With Topshop

Pyjama tees are so in right now and can I just say, I am seriously loving the trend. They are so comfy and cool and hipster, its just great. The only problem is that some of them are just a little too hipster and I am not sure if I can pull them off… It can also be a little tricky to get a balance of PJ and ‘this is acceptable to leave the house in without people thinking I am actually wearing my pyjamas’. However Topshop have the most AMAZING print shirt ever. Its a cacti tee. I repeat… A cacti tee. An entire pyjama style shirt decorated with cacti. THATS THE DREAM.

I understand, however, that such a statement piece can be really difficult to style. So I put together two outfits that you can style with this shirt. The best part is that every item in both outfits are all from Topshop so are really easy to get your hands on. Topshop is my favourite highstreet store of all time and I am sure that you can see from previous posts how often I feature their items.

This first outfit is my personal fave because it features mom jeans. You may be able to tell that I am OBSESSED with mom jeans at the moment! I have 3 pairs and I’m not even ashamed. They are so comfy and really easy to style. This pair is a really cute light blue washed denim from Topshop petite and are just the perfect fit for me. I love how Topshop do waist and length of the jeans to ensure that they will fit well. I think its the only highstreet shop that does that! I have paired these with the cutest blush loafers also from Topshop. I love the style of these and am so obsessed with blush right now. The only thing is that I would recommend going up a shoe size as I am a size 3, but the 3 are too tight and gave me blisters. So next time I would definitely go for the 4. Other than that I really love these shoes. I think they really compliment the jeans and makes the outfit a little more feminine.

Of course I am wearing my Ryaban sunglasses, because I never wear anything else. These are actually prescription sunnies which is why you almost always see me in them because I am far too lazy to wear contacts! I have also styled this outfit with my camel coloured Micheal Kors toe bag. I wanted an understated bag in order to not clash with the load tee and allow the attention to be with the shirt.

This next outfit focuses on wearing the printed tee to a more formal event or just dressing it up a little. So I have paired it with a pair of black Joni jeans from Topshop because they are just my favourite jeans ever. They are so stretchy and comfy. And yet again I can get a length 28 so they actually fit! Result!

I have styled these both with a grey blazer that I am so in love with. Its really soft and warm which is perfect for our British weather! I really like the boyfriend style of the blazer as its really comfy, but still looks rather smart. The little roll cuffs makes it a little more feminine and paired with the shirt it creates a relaxed/formal combo that I am obsessed with!!

I am also wearing my beautiful Chanel bag. I love how the black quilt compliments the outfit and again, I wanted an understated purse that wasn’t going to distract from the main focus- the shirt.

I am so in love with both of these looks and have been wearing them so often recently. Thank you so much to Topshop for your collaboration on this blogpost and for creating the most gorgeous printed shirt I have ever seen in my life! I hope this helped you in some way to try and style print tees!

*Disclaimer- Topshop were kind enough to collaborate with me on this blogpost, however all opinions are my own and I am genuinely in love with everything in this post