A Little Smokey Eye For Summer

Although in summer I usually love to go for light makeup, warm tones and glowy shades, sometimes it’s nice to go for a dark smokey eye and look BOSS. But it can be difficult not to over-do it. I mean we don’t want to show up at a party with panda eyes when everyone else has golden shimmer. So here is how I like to get a smokey eye for summer.

For base I like to go for something really light so that my freckles can show through (yes I have freckles and they just go BOOM in summer). I have been LOVING the Charlotte Tilbury light wonder recently, its just so light and feels amazing on the skin. It has a repairing formula so that it is supposed to help your skin while its on, which I am all for!

We then gotta have a bit of contour cause GIRL WE NEED TO FAKE THEM CHEEKBONES. Hence I am using the Sleek contour and highlight duo (but just the contour part) in order to chisel them cheeks. I like to carry this down my neck a little almost like a bronzer to ensure that my face and neck match perfectly and allow no harsh lines between when the makeup starts and finishes.

Its summer. We want to look healthy and glowy and like we have been kissed by the sun. SO BRING OUT THE CHAMPAGNE POP!! Of course we need to highlight and of course Champagne pop is my go to highlight for summer. I love the healthy glow it gives me and the colour is just so so perfect, especially when I have a tan going on.

Now onto the smokey eye- the key feature of the look. In this case I am kinda feeling a mostly matte look, with a hint of shimmer on the eye. Therefore I am going to stick mostly to the right hand side of my Naked Smokey palette. What I usually do, is take Combust over my whole lid to set a nice base. Then I like to blend Whiskey into the crease of my eye and in the outer corner. Make sure you blend, blend, blend when doing a smokey eye; you don’t want ANY harsh lines when you are done. I then blend password along my lash line and under my eyes to really emphasise the smokey. I love the ashy tones in Password and find it a great shade for a smokey eye. Then over the top of that I will bend Slanted in the outer corner and along my lash line to build on the smokey effect. THEN (my favourite part) I will blend Black Market along the lash line for the final smokey effect. To ensure that my eyes dont look like I have just been punched, I highlight the inner corner of my eye with high.

To top the look off, I add a touch of Sephora lipgloss in the shade Peak-A-Boo-Pink to add a touch of juicy colour to my lips.

And there you have it. A perfect smokey eye for the summer months.