June Goals

I have got a preeeeeeeetty hectic month ahead of me to say the least. And to tell you the truth, I am NOT the kind of person who excites over a busy schedule. No. I break out into hives and stress TF out when I see my diary filling up day after day. This girl needs her rest. Lol I am so lame.

But June is one of my favourite months (and not just because its ma burfday), and you know how much I love a good goal setting list! So here are my goals for the upcoming month.

Invest More Into my Instagram

You maaaaay have noticed that I have been putting more effort into my gram and MY GOD AM I LOVING IT!! I am just really adoring creating content at the moment, and if I had the time I would be out DAILY taking snaps. So I don’t really know where the hell I am going to fit in the time for it, but I am determined to keep putting in the time and effort for my feed!

Become the Elle Woods of the PR industry

This month I have a two week internship with a PR firm and cannot waaaaait for it!! I am really hoping to get stuck in and just knock everyone socks off. Wishful thinking or the next Elle Woods?


I am SO EXCITED to be moving house at the end of this month (and move into a much nicer place yassss). I am such a big believer that your space affects how you feel and so I cannot wait to move in and get started with the fixer-uping.

Earn a bit more dough

If you saw my latest post, you will know that I spoke about being a broke blogger and what’s its like to live in an industry with little moneys. And to be totally honest, Imma need to make a bit more cash if I want to actually pay the rent at my new place!

Enjoy a bitta sun

I have been LIVING for this weather at the moment and am really hoping that it sticks around for a little bit longer!