The Scandalous Truth- It’s Not Real

I’m sorry to be the one to say it but it’s not real. It’s all a lie, a fake, a scandal.

Okay lol done with being dramatic.

But I just wanted to get your attention because today is a rather important topic- it’s all about social media. And about how false everything in it is.

I’m probably going to get a bit of backlash for how bold and controversial this statement is. I mean I am basically belittling my job, my passion and my livelihood. But here we are.

You see, it’s so easy to get caught up in the trap, get sucked in. I would be the first person to put my hands up and say that I have felt FOMO. Or that I have felt a bit shitty about myself. It’s hard not to when you’re scrolling through your feed to see a gorgeous girl, with a gorgeous body, wearing a gorgeous bikini, on a gorgeous beach, in a gorgeous location… and you’re sitting on the sofa in your pjs and slippers, acrid Dong a bag of smarties which day family pack.

But that’s the thing about social media; it’s a highlights reel made to feel like the entire film, cast and back story. You think you know the people you follow. You see their pics, you know their friends. You see what they eat and where they go for drinks and sometimes maybe hear them moan about what a bad day they’ve had. But that’s where the line ends.

You see what they want you to see. The carefully curated, shot and edited photos. The artsy stories with funky locations. Everything you see has been carefully handpicked and chosen to be presented to you.

But it doesn’t feel that way, does it?

Because that’s the thing about social media. It’s just a big fat stinking marketing ploy.

You are made to FEEL like you know everything. You are made to FEEL like it’s all real. But it’s all just been marketed in that way. Clever really.

The reason this whole topic came up was because of a conversation I had with my bestie Phoebe. She was telling me how much she loved my uni room, saying how huge it looked and how instagrammable is it and how it’s just goals.

I won’t lie, I did crack up a little, because that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The truth is, that double bed takes up 90% of that poxy room. What you don’t see on the other side of the camera is the beige furniture, beige carpets and beige walls.

But what you see is a fairy lit, pillow filled corner that has been design for Instagram. And it gives you the assumption that the whole room is like that.

Something so small but so significant.

And that’s just the whole of social media really. You see what the creator wants you to see. You think what the creator wants you to think. And you assume it’s the truth.

Don’t get me wrong, I love social media. It’s a place to escape and create your own reality. It’s a place to have fun and play around and be creative. But it’s when you start seeing it as reality, that’s when we have a problem.

Just take it with a pinch of salt and remember what is it: a big fat marketing method.