How I’m Prepping For The Festive Season

I loooooove the festive season, and now that we have officially hit December, I am letting myself get into the full swing of all things merry! Along with Christmas and all the joy that that brings, the holiday season can take a lot of prep, be it presents, outfits, foods etc. So to make life a little easier, I am starting my prep now and getting myself ready for the all the festivities!

Present Prep (for me)

When it comes to Christmas, every year I get blind sided by friends and family asking what I want. And every year I am ill prepared and panic and shout some random thing that I dont really want. Often I tell 3 people the same thing and, lowe and behold, I get 3 of the same present. So this year I am being organised and writing myself a list. A list of things that I have been lusting after or that I would love to receive as a gift and I am writing names beside each one. That way when I get asked, I have one planned item to ask for from each person. That way you give them a must clearer direction of what to get you and you dont have to pretend that you’re excited to receive 3 of the same throw that you panic asked for.

Present Prep (for them)

Of course the biggest and most stressful prep comes from the actual present buying. Choosing what to get each person you love can be so time consuming and a bloody difficult experience. So fear not! I am currently in the process of writing up my gift guides which will have everything you should want to get someone- from stocking fillers to gifts for the beauty lover to gifts for the boyfriend who has everything. So keep an eye out for that.

Outfit Prep

Similarly, one thing that can cause a bit of a panic is outfit prepping. Again, I have a blogpost coming veeeeery soon all about nailing the festive party season! So I won’t give away any spoilers just yet.

Diary Prep

Something that a lot of people forget to do is to prep their diary. By this I mean, keep it up to date, keep it visible and USE IT. I cannot tell you how many times I have double booked parties or festive gatherings, and only realise on the night when I get that ‘you still up for….’ I can tell you now that that feeling of existential dread can totally be avoiding by just prepping your diary and actually using it.

Goal Prep

I am very much the ‘new year new me’ kind of person and LOVE setting myself goals for the new year, so when the festive season hits I love reflecting on my goals from last year, seeing how far I’ve come since January and planning some new goals I want to set myself for the new year!

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Photography- Ami Ford