Why “You’ve Changed” Shouldn’t be a Bad Thing and Thoughts On Which You You Want To Be

Something I’ve been thinking about a lot is change. Not in your outer surroundings like your home or your car, but change within yourself. Maybe it’s a change in spirit, a change in heart or a change in mindset.

I’ve been told quite a lot that I’ve ‘changed’. I’m not the same person I used to be. Or I’m different to how I was before. Now before you think these are all massive compliments, all of these comments were met with a nose turned up, a judgey eye or even a snide remark. Not the nicest way to address someone.

Usually when someone says that to me, I just shrug and say ‘I guess so yeah,’ because I’ve never really thought long and hard about who I used to be or who I am not.

Until recently.

Recently I have really been thinking about how I have changed. How I have evolved as a person and grown into the woman I am today.

I used to go out partying and drinking, now I would much rather stay at home with Netflix on and be in bed before 11.

I used to throw my money away on makeup and clothes and any other fast, throw-away material things which I now laugh at myself for. Nowadays I would much rather invest in more thought-out pieces, and save up for a car or a fancy bag or even a house (lol I sound old.

My point is, priorities change. People grow. People CHANGE.

And why is that a bad thing? Why is it that some people will turn their nose up and tell you how you’re not the same as you used to be?

Jealousy? Maybe?

Maybe they are still that person they used to be and they hate how you’re not?

Or maybe you’ve just outgrown them.

Maybe you need to laugh away their remarks about your differences and just tell them that you’ve grown and yes, you’re not the same person you once were.

I sure as hell DO NOT want to be the same person I was when I was 14, I was a terror.

But remember that growing is a part of life. Growing away from someone is equally a part of life. Don’t let them make you feel bad and you sure as hell don’t let them change you! Because you are not the same you you were 10 years ago, and you won’t be the same you in 10 years time. Thank god for that

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Photography- Ami Ford