How To Nail Your Party Wear This Festive Season

Okay so you may be thinking ‘festive party season?’ woah calm down we’ve only just hit December. And, yes, I thought the same thing at first Except that I have a christmas party this Sunday and next Tuesday and then again on Friday and OMG how did these creep up so fast? So I thought that I would get in there relatively early and let you have a little time to prepare your outfit for the 10 inevitable office parties, family do’s and festive gatherings that you will have to attend this year.

Suit up!

This year I feel like there has been a bit of a thing with suits. A movement if you will. Highstreet stores are acknowledging that not all of us want to leave the house in -2 degree weather in a body con dress and heels. In comes the suit. I have been LOVING the variety of festive suits on the shelves at the moment and could not resist this INSANE topshop number (which btw comes in regular, tall and petite!)

All that glitters

It’s no secret that Christmas time is the one time of year when you can leave the house looking like a disco ball and no one bats an eye. I personally like to take complete advantage of it and don my brightest, sparkliest outfit for the occasion. You’ll see me nest to the food table, shining from across the room.

Something red

I know that not everyone likes to go the full monty in the festive season. So to all my Grinches who want to participate with the most minimal effort possible, adding a pop of red will get you in the party spirit without having to dress like a Christmas ornament at the office do.

Jeans and a nice top

There’s always one in the group. The one that always replies with ‘I dunno? Jeans and a nice top’ whenever she is asked what she is wearing. So to all my ‘jeans and a nice top’ gals out there, you can still wear your classic uniform and add a hint of festivity into the look.

Photography- Ami Ford