Finding Your Insta Style and Standing Out From The Crowd

Instagram is such a huge platform that has taken over so many lives (mine included) and allows us to portray our business, blogs and lives in however way we want. If you are anything like me, you are mildly obsessed with instgaram… maybe a little more than a mild obsession. I honestly get so uptight about my feed and if it is anything less than perfect, it stresses me out. I feel like I am finally finding my insta style and showing exactly what I want on my feed, and it seems that a few of you like it! So today I am chatting about you can find your own personal style on instagram and, as a result, stand out from the crowd!

– Get a business account –

There has been so much controversy about business accounts on instagram, with so many bloggers unsure whether to take the leap and transfer their account to one. But I would strongly recommend it. Mainly because that way you can really pinpoint your most popular posts and see what your followers enjoy. That way you can build on that and make your feed much more asthetic for your followers, as well as showcasing your favourite images on your feed.

– Have a relaunch –

Don’t be afraid to revamp your feed and start again. If you aren’t happy and don’t feel like your insta is reflecting who you really are, take it from the top (or bottom) and start again. That way you can really get your feed fluid and allow it to flow better.

– Editing –

Editing is a very important part of my feed and can make or break how my photos look. By editing my photos the same, it makes my feed look a lot more fluid and really connects my pics together. Another main thing is that you don’t OVER edit. A lot of people make that mistake and it just makes their insta look really busy, I find that natural lighting, a light edit and a well designed feed is really how I found my style.

– Consistent content –

By uploading regularly and consistently, it keeps your feed contemporary and up to date. I upload two to three times a day when I can and engage with my posts a great deal. It can be difficult taking a lot of photos that you consider to be worthy for your feed, but having photo shoot days is the best way to do this! That way you can upload regular content that looks DAMN GOOD.

The lethal thing to do when trying to find your personal style is comparing yourself to other bloggers. Sure take inspiration and sure look at their feeds to see how you can improve yours. But remember, your feed is your own and make it look how YOU like it!