Finding The Blogging Balance With the Three P’s

Blogging is such a full time job but I don’t make enough from it for it to BE my full time job. Do you see my problem here.

I get asked on the daily how I make time for blogging. Being a student, uni life is quite full on and my studies are quite demanding. So having a blog and trying to balance the two are no easy task, especially when I am (kinda trying) to start a youtube channel at the moment which takes up SO MUCH TIME OMG WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME.

But somehow I make it work. I feel like I have developed a bit of a routine to allow me to balance uni life with blogging life. So here are my top tips in order to balance the two.

– Planning –

Okay this is such a cliche but seriously, you need to plan girl. I used to kinda just wing it and be like ‘oh it’ll be okay’ but it got to the point where I would forget to upload or run out of time that week and think CRAP I DON’t HAVE TIME FOR A SUNDAY POST WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO??!!! So I have now changed my ways. I am officially a tiger with changed stripes.

I have a planner and everything!!

Writing down my goals and plans and posts for the week is so helpful and the only way I can make time for both my studies and my blog.

– Prioritise –

Be sure to prioritise. My followers are very understanding and totally appreciate that my degree comes first. I always am sure to complete assignments BEFORE I move onto blogging. Because no last minute assignment will fair well. So put your studies first and always make surethat you do what you need to do before even thinking about blogging.

– Passion –

Okay this might sound weird to have as a tip. But if you don’t have a passion for blogging. Leave now. If you are not willing to give up a night out in order to write a post, if you are not willing to get up at 6am in order to get the best lighting and most importantly, if you dont ENJOY all of the hardwork and effort that goes into each and every blogpost, its not gonna work out.

The only way that I get to balance uni with blogging is because of how much of a passion I have. I love blogging. I love photo taking. I love posing in cute outfits. I love styling flatlays and I love writing. Like seriously love it. The only spare time I have from uni is spent blogging, and I love that.

So there are my three p’s into finding the perfect blogging balance. Whether you’re at school, uni or work, I wish you luck. Its a hard road but my god its worth it!

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