Adding A Pop Of Colour

My name is Ellie and I am a monochrome addict. I wear black, grey and white on a daily and I am really bad at incorporating colour in my wardrobe.

I feel like this summer we have just seen an explosion in colour. Bloggers are wearing statement reds, pinks, yellows and blues and MY GOODNESS I love how it looks. Saying that, I don’t feel confident enough to pull it off just yet. Give me a bit of time and I might be rocking a bright yellow jumper… but for now I am still sticking to my fail safe monochromes.

If you are like me and have a bit of a fear of colour, but want to try incorporating a pop of something exciting, then small pieces are the way, my friend.

I am adding a pop of colour into my outfits recently with this STUNNER of a bag. This fuchsia pink chloe dupe from Primark is the ultimate accessory to add that bit of vibrancy to any outfit. And what;s more… Its only a fiver! (promise this isn’t sponsored- just the best fiver I have ever spent, like ever)

By wearing this bag on the daily, I am able to carry on wearing my normal, black and white outfits, but allowing myself to dip my toes into the colour trend and see for myself how I can style a bit of colour. Personally I am loving how this bag looks and OMG you need to get your hands on it! I think it also comes in grey but GUYS WE ARE TALKING ABOUT COLOUR HERE.

I just adore the gold detailing of this as it looks JUST like a Chloe bag, but for a fraction of the cost (did I mention it was only a fiver?)

I ma getting really inspired to experiment more and maybe even dip a whole foot into the colour trend by investing in a coloured jumper or trousers, but lets not get ahead of ourselves just yet…