Why Working In A Job Your Hate In An Essential Life Experience

We’ve all done it. We’ve slogged through jobs which pay is minimum wage, ask for maximum hours and make us go home crying. Whether it’s just to gain a bit of pocket, some experience or to add another section to your CV, sh** jobs are just a part of life.

An important part of life.

I really do believe that working in a job you hate is such an important life experience. It shapes who you are and becomes a part of you.

I have worked my fair share of crap jobs- from the drive through at Maccies to a swimming pool which took you for everything you were. From a school uniform shop to many, many, many retail positions.

They all sucked.

I hated them all.

But I’m so glad I did them.

Being able to look back on these sorts of experiences have really shown me how they have shaped who I am. They have taught me how to cope, how to persevere and that feeling you get when payday hits.

Above anything else, it’s taught me what I DO NOT want to do. It’s taught me where I don’t want to be and made me go for my goals more than ever.

I’m not bashing people who work in McDonald’s or swimming pools or retail positions. Without you, society wouldn’t run.

But my point is that I appreciate that those jobs can be sh*te. Those jobs can make you cry (or the customers can make you cry) and are some of the most difficult jobs in society.

But those experiences that you have and those things that you learn cannot be taught any other way.

So if you’re working in a job that you hate, try and think about what it’s teaching you. What have you learnt from it? If all you’ve learnt is that you hate peoples, congrats! That’s a step forward. Sometimes you’ve got to wade through a whole pile of sh*t before you see the light at the end of the tunnel.