6 Transitional Coats For Autumn

Transitional weather is tough. You don’t know if you’re coming or going. You head out to work wrapped up in a jumper and come home SWEATING because lol was not quite the weather for that. The thing that I struggle most with is coats because it’s not quite warm enough for a light jacket but also not exactly cold enough for the full blown winter coats.

So your girl is here to help. I always like to let you learn from my mistakes and so I have compiled a list of the best autumnal jackets which wont leave you shivering in the wind but wont have you stripping off because you’re too hot.

The Checked Blazer Jacket

I love seeing girls rocking blazers in autumn but for me, that’s just not going to keep me warm enough. So I always try and find a hybrid. I love seeing how brands mix the blazer style with a warmer jacket to keep you toasty in the autumnal months.

The Corduroy Jacket

You may have noticed from my Instagram that I am kind of loving the corduroy trend at the moment. I am LOVING it. SO incorporating that to outer-wear is right up my street! I am loving this corduroy jacket for the perfect casual look.

The Oversized Coat

You know I love an oversized coat and finding the perfect, not-too-thick number is just a dream

The Trench Coat

You are probably sick to death of hearing about trench coats at the moment so I thought that I would show you one with a twist! I love the checked pattern which adds a gorgeous bit of detail to an otherwise classic piece.

The Hooded Number

You know what British weather is like in autumn. Rain, rain and more rain. So you have to have at least one hooded piece in your wardrobe just in case you get caught in a down-pour

The Leopard Print

I could not create a styling post without including my FAVE trend at the moment- animal print! This leopard print number from Next is just a dream come true for anyone else wanting to make a statement and jump on top of the trend.