How To Make Sunday Your Success Day

Recently I saw a tweet about how crap adulthood was, it went something along the lines of ‘being an adult sucks cause all you do is work, come home and recover from work, and then work again’

But I’m here to tell you how to change that. How to break that routine and use your weekends to your advantage.

It’s time to make Sunday your success day.

I used to love the classic Sunday- lay in bed till 11, stay in your pjs all day, watch movies, have a bath and all those lazy shenanigans.

But now I’m a changed woman.

Since starting my job I have been taught the importance of the weekend. Working Monday to Friday is time consuming, difficult and above all, draining. So utilising your weekends can seem like an impossible task. But setting aside one day a week to boss your side hustle, plan your week and create a successful plan is such an essential.

My first word of advice would be to plan. Plan. Plan. Plan.

My diary is FILLED. Whether it’s jobs or meetings or even mundane things like washing the bedsheets, I plan it. Otherwise it just won’t get done. Having a mindset of a timetabled week really helps me to stick to a schedule and not waste away my evenings home from work just watching friends and scrolling through Instagram.

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Don’t lie in

Okay I’m not telling you to get up at 6am on a Sunday cause LOL AINT NEVER GONNA HAPPEN but what I do advise is getting yourself up and out of bed. I tend to lie in until 8.30 then get up and out. I practise yoga or go to the gym or get myself moving just to wake myself up and start the day.

For me, lying in too late means that the day is a write-off, but getting yourself out of bed starts the day off right (which you can continue throughout the whole day)

Get sh*t done

For me, Sunday’s are the day that I get stuff done which I don’t have time to another other day of the week. Whether that’s blog photos or returning that dress I bought which I was sooo sure that it was gonna look cute but really need to learn that wrap dresses just don’t suit me.

Basically, it’s your chore day. Get in your sweats if you want a clean. Shove on an apron and meal prep for the week.

Get it done, and get it done on Sunday.