Why I Hate Hashtag Love Island and a Reality Check of How We Speak About People Online

There I said it- I hate the hashtag LoveIsland. I have been watching the show for 3 years now (lol so sad) and it has gotten bigger than ever before this year- which also means that the talk around it has gotten bigger than ever. I used to love going onto twitter and interacting with others about the show- laughing and their tweets and just getting a running commentary while watching the show.

But I feel like the conversation has shifted slightly this year.

And I don’t know if it’s just me and where I am- but I don’t like it.

I don’t like how brutal people are.

I don’t like how personal people get.

And I don’t like how bloody fickle everyone is.

Now I am all for having your own opinions, and twitter makes it so much easier to voice them- but when you’re crying over a girl one week then slagging her off for her personality, looks and voice the next… it just doesn’t add up to me.

Basically the concept of this post is to say that- WOAH- people can be mean. And maybe we need to calm down a little. I mean, imagine if you were reading those comments about yourself? Imagine if someone was taking the piss out of YOUR biggest insecurity?

Imagine if we all just bloody stopped and kept our opinions to ourselves.

I think the hashtag LOVEISLAND kind of just sums up online culture. People think that because it’s online and ‘just a tweet’ its okay to say. But the harsh truth is its still brutal, its still mean and its essentially trolling.

So hey, let’s just take a little reality check and remember why we started watching the show- to see couples like Liv and Alex, Danni and Jack and Camilla and Jamie find love and watch their relationships blossom (and maybe a cheeky wedding at the end).