How I Changed My To-Do List and How It Changed My Life

A to do list? Changed your life? AS IF.

I know, I know, that title makes me sound like the most pretentious sod in the world but calling it ‘how I changed my to do list and how it made my day much more managable’ just doesnt have the same ring to it.

So… TO DO LISTS. That little bugger that haunts our dreams and lurks over us all day every day. Well no more. I have adopted a new message of to-doing and I my friends, am going to share such method with you in the hops that it eases your mind as much as it did mind. God I feel so much like Sarah Knight right now.

1- All or Nothing

I am very much an all or nothing kinda gal. Some days I don’t even write myself a list, others I put down every little detail from washing my socks to making myself lunch. So my first tip is, shockingly, write down everything. Maybe not lunch cause, you know, common sense and all. But all the tasks which you need to complete. That way you can see all the jobs you have to complete that day and can begin to prioritise according to urgency.

2- Prioritise according to urgency

I like to number my to-do’s from most to least urgent. Send over the invoice which is a month overdue? Very urgent. Wash the bedsheets? Eh, it can wait another day. By ordering your day according to urgency, you can stop procrastinating on the low priority tasks and focus on what needs doing.

3- Time block

I love creating a little time block for myself with each task. By working out how much time each task should take me, I can plan out my day accordingly and block out every task. That way I have a lot more structure to my day and have an internal deadline to hit. If I have no deadline, I procrastinate like there’s no tomorrow!


I looooove ticking off completed tasks. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than putting that very smug ‘tick’ next to each task. Give yourself the reward and satisfaction of knowing that you have completed that task- tick that baby off.

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Photography- Ami Ford