Creation vs Consumption

As a blogger, I am constantly battling between consumption and creation. On the one hand, I consume a lot of content. Like a hell of a lot. I watch Youtube every night and read blogposts when I’m on my lunch break. I scroll through instagram for HOURS on end. And at the same time I need to create a hell of a lot of content. I’ve spoken before about the pressure to create but this post is more about the balance between creation and consumption.

Whenever you see a photo on instagram or a blogpost on your feed, it’s so easy to forget the effort and work that went into it. Especially when they make it look so effortless. Just a shot of a girl flicking her hair, or walking across the street. But in reality she probably walked across that street 40 times and her camera roll is filled with 2000 versions of the same photo just to get THE SHOT.

And how long does it take us to consume that? 4? 5? Seconds?

It does play on my mind the time put into the creation of content vs the time it take to consume it. Consuming content is so easy, and yet showing support is something that seems so difficult! These bloggers are putting in their everything. They are up at 2am writing posts and waking up at 6am just to make sure that there are no crowds in their shots. They spend every waking hour working.

I think it’s time that we start putting in a little more time to really CONSUME their content. Showing support is so easy and so simple! Just a like or a comment can really make someone’s day and show them that the many hours they put into creating the content was worth it.