Why The One Piece Is Your New Best Friend

I am not a tummy happy gal. I think everyone has that one part of their body which, no matter what, they just always hate. For me, it’s ma belly. So for a style to come into trend which caters to gals like me, COME TO MAMMA.

When it comes to summer styling, one pieces are literally my best friend. I mean for one- you don’t have to worry about your mid drift being the same colour as the rest of your body (cause lets be real it NEVER is). But you also don’t ever need to worry about your top coming off when you decide to dive bomb into the pool and soak your sleeping sister. So here are a few reasons why the one piece is your new bestie:

– one price

– less places that need suncream

– no need to find matching

– more comfortable to wear all day

– can wear as a body with a pair of jeans to make a cute look

– less skin on show

– more flattering on ya mid drift

– soooo many styles to choose from

Shop my fave styles:

Shop the stripe one piece here