A Little Guide To The South of Spain

As you may have seen recently, I spent 2 glorious weeks in the south of Spain. And, to my surprise, was inundated with messages about where I stayed, what I did and the snaps that I took! So, first of all, sorry for the insta spam. But second of all- your wish is my command! Here is my complete guide to spending two weeks in the Costa Del Sol.

We stayed in an apartment just outside of Malaga, between two seaside towns called Nerga and Torox. Visit Amar is the name of the apartment block/ holiday agency and it was loooovely. If you are planning on staying for just a few weeks then it is perfect! With a kitchen and living room in your place, it is perfect if you want to cook for yourself and make your own dinner. The only issue that I found is that it didn’t really have much to do at the actual complex. There were two pools with a few loungers around, but that was it. In other apartments I’ve stayed at I’ve usually found bars around the pool, or somewhere to grab some snacks or a drink. So depending on what you’re after and how much time you’re planning on spending at the complex….. it might be perfect for you but you might also want to look elsewhere.


Now we chose to hire a car when we were there (I went with my family so dad was designated driver- if you’re too young to hire a car, like me, you can always look at mopeds, taxis or shuttle buses). Exploring the nearby destinations was one of my favourite part of the holiday! Nerga was just a ten minute drive, with other destinations nearby too.

The top destination that I would recommend visiting is the Alhambra Palace- Spain’s no. 1 tourist attraction. It’s a beeeeeautiful Muslim (overtaken by the Catholics) palace which will make you feel like an Arabian princess! The architecture, carved out walls and marble everything is just something you dont want to miss. It is a bit of a drive from where we stayed (an hour and a half I believe) but it is so worth it.

But because it is so popular, you have to book MONTHS in advance! Top tip- they relsease the tickets every 3 months, so on the first of the month, 3 months before you go you want to log in at 8am and BOOK BOOK BOOK. (eg- we went in July and booked on the first of May)

It seems a bit exessive but I know sooo many people who haven’t managed to get tickets, and it really is a magical place that you don’t want to miss. (another top tip- bring your passport to the palace, they do random checks and will kick you out if you havent got a passport with the same name as the ticket!)

Another gooorgeous location that you really do not want to miss is Frigiliani. The old town of Malaga, it is the most perfect, untouched location (which provides stunning insta shots) A slight word of warning though, it is built smack bang on the side of a hill and is basically just a village of steps…. They defeated me.

You will realise how unfit you are, but it’s totally worth it for the views and gorgeous restaurants to stop for drinks.

Insta spots

I have had a LOOOOT of questions about insta spots around the area and it is RICH with photo opportunities! A few favourites are the Torrox umbrella display, the Nerja rainbow stairs and the abundance of fruit markets that are around the streets! If you’re looking for some insta spots, check out the geotags on my Instagram pics!

If you are looking for an ultimate holiday destination, then I would highly, highly recommend the Costa Del Sol. It is full of things to do, things to see aaaand of course plenty of bars to mosey down to in the evening! If you are planning on heading to the beautiful location, make sure to tag me in your pics because I would love to relive the memories through yooooou. Also, I didn’t want to make this post too long and bore you to death but if there are more things you would like to know or any questions you may have then dont hesitate to comment or DM me on instagram 🙂