The Best Summer Hairstyles For The Lazy Girl

We all know what summer means- all you want is your hair OFF YOUR NECK. I feel like boys just do not understand the pain of having long hair in summer! It’s like having a blanket wrapped around your neck. NOT what you want when it’s 30 degrees and the humidity is making your hair looks like Monica from Friends.

But when it comes to summer hairstyles, I know how easy it is to get into a slump with your hair. I get SO BORED of just shoving my hair my in a pony tail day after day in summer. Which is why I have fallen IN LOVE with the hair scarf trend… as you may have noticed from my Instagram.


Yes. Yes. Yes. Gimme a silky pretty scarf and let me cover my EXTREMELY greasy hair THANK YOU.

There are so many ways to add a hair scarf into a style to make you look so much more put together. Designers as well as high street stores are jumping on the band wagon with so many different styles, colours and patterns (personally I am eyeing up the Gucci varsity scarf but also LOL I’m poor).

My favourite way to wear the trend is to cover your whole head. Just shove your hair up in a bun (who cares if you havent washed it in 2 weeks) and wrap the scarf around the front of your head, tying it in a bow at the top. Voila! I like to add a pair of hoop earrings and bad ass sunnies to complete the look.

Another way that I have been loving the scarf trend is to add it to your pony tail. Just put your hair in a pony (I prefer low with the style) and then tie the scarf around the root of the pony tail. Literally just a double knot will do to keep it in place. Then let the two sides fall either side of your hair. So simple and yet adds such a cute vibe to your otherwise simple hairstyle.

You can incorporate the hair scarf trend into any hairstyle- whether its french plaits, buns, ponies or even just down! I just adore adding that pop of silk and that pop of colour to your hair. Now BRB just living my best Audrey Hepburn life.