Why The Blog Is Making A Comeback

The blogging world has changed since it first boomed back in about 2012. It’s had it’s highs and it’s had it lows. And my goodness, has it has some incredible lows recently. With Instagram being such a success at the moment, more and more brands are choosing to use the platform for instant, cheep and accessible marketing, it’s no wonder so many bloggers are temporarily shutting up shop to dedicate their life to the gram. The money just simply isn’t there at the moment, resulting in the sudden scare of ‘the death of the blog’ etc etc.

But the wind is changing, and I believe that the blog is making a come-back.

2019 provides an opportunity for us- creators are cluing up to the fact that Instagram just simply isn’t a sustainable platform and leaves us with no control. Within one quick swish, the platform can tip on it’s head and wipe out so many jobs/ opportunities for us poor helpless influencers. Platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Youtube have us at their mercy. They are the big brothers who call the shots and make the changes. The only space which we own are our blogs. We make the shots. We choose the layout, what is published, who sees it (to an extent) and above all, we make it exactly what we want it to be. No messing.

We’re in a generation of rapid fire, quick content and fast movements. Every buzzfeed article out there was telling us how instant we want it all. Our attention lasts no longer than 3 seconds, our scrolling habits have been cut short and long content simply doesn’t have a place anymore. But there’s no denying that peoples habits have changed- they are craving fuller content, with more depth, more to consume and more to engage with.

The blog is making a comeback.

People are flocking back to their favourite bloggers and creators are rediscovering their love for writing. Blogging gave us a voice, it provided an outlet to say what we want and be whoever we wanted to be.

I think some of us lost our way a little, but we’re finding our way back step by step. I can’t wait to see what the blogging world has in store for 2019. I think it’s going to be a big year.