Trend Report: Leopard Print Isn’t Going Anywhere

Is can’t just be me who always gets skeptical about trends. Whenever I see something come into fashion I am always the first to say ‘oh well we won’t be wearing that this time next year.’ To those people who are not like me, I apologise. To those who are like me, unite.

But when it comes to the leopard print trend, that’s one that I am certain isn’t going anywhere. The trend really kicked off this autumn/ winter with the high street stores cottoning on quick to our obsession. Leopard print bags, leopard print boots, leopard print tops, coats, jumpers and even hair scrunchies. You just couldn’t escape the trend.

And normally when a trend hits so hard, so fast, it fizzles out with the same speed and the same determination. But not this trend, my friend.

Leopard print is here to stay.

My favourite way to wear the trend is through outer-wear, mainly because I can take a very simple outfit and make it pop with the leopard print (I feel like we need to start keeping a tally of how many bloody times I say leopard print). I adore how the trend can be worn up for a night out or down for coffee with the girls.

Fill up your wardrobes ladies because this trend is here to stay (at least for a little while).