Why I Will Never Ditch My Blog

I have been really enjoying Instagram at the moment. More than I ever have before. I have been putting in so much effort and time and work into my grid that it’s got to the point where Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday will roll around and I’ll think sh*t I have no new blog content.


As much as I love Instagram and I love the ease of snapping a pic and uploading it minutes later, I will never ditch my blog.

I wrote a post a little while ago (read it HERE if ya want a nosey) all about how the blogging world is changing. I touched on how many bigger bloggers are talking about how blogging is *dying out* and how I couldn’t disagree with that more.

Even though Instagram is amazing because it’s so current, it’s so fast and it’s so snappy, it’ll never be my blog.

You see my blog is my own. I bought this domain and www.petiteelliee.com is MINE. All mine. No one can take that away from me (I mean if I did something illegal then perhaps) but I own this blog. I get to design it how I want. I get to write whatever I want and I get to DO whatever I want.

But Instagram, that’s not mine. Yes, I might have my own page but it’s not MINE. I down OWN it. In seconds Instagram could decide to shut down and then where would we be? I get no say in how the app operates, shows my work or conducts its business. I am a very tiny fish in a very large pond.

So I guess the point of this post is just bear with me. I know that my blog has been a little all-over-the-place at the moment but don’t worry, I am not leaving just yet! I am here for the long run, like it or not!