The PHONEography vs PHOTOgraphy debate- Which Side Are You On?

We have all seen the recent shift in Instagram images at the moment- long gone are the days where you had to lug around a camera the size of your head and upload photos with a *blurred* background and snazzy settings. Nope, these days all you need is a phone and a smile (or pout in a lot of cases).

But is the art of photography slowly dying out? Or are we just entering a new phase of trends. The phone.

I am very much on the fence here. I do apologise because I know how annoying that can be, and I always hate being on the fence. Mainly because during my GSCE’s my history teacher drummed into me that I wouldn’t get passed a C grade if I didn’t just MAKE UP MY MIND ON A TOPIC (ps I got an A in history so the guy knew was he was talking about).

But with the whole phone vs camera debate, I am so unsure.

Some girls have totally made up their minds and ditched their camera altogether, boasting about how easy it is to just carry your phone around for those *candid* insta snaps.

But then there are other girls who are avidly against the phone snap. They will forever love their camera and are never impartial to a cheeky blurred background.

AAAAAND of course there is the big fat scary Instagram theory that is looming over all of our heads. WILL INSTAGRAM REALLY FAVOUR MY PIC IF IT WAS TAKEN ON AN IPHONE?!

Well that’s something I have made up my mind about and the answer is no. The theory is bullsh*t. Instagram does not favour phone pics over camera pics and personally, I see no difference in engagement. I mean sometimes I even find the camera pic gets higher engagement (but that’s mainly because of Ami’s talents).

But the reason why I am on the fence is because I love mixing it up. If you look at my feed it is such a hybrid of camera snaps and phone pics. I won’t lie, I adore the idea of not having to carry around my big ass camera and just whip out my phone whenever I want a snap, but at the same time I paid a hella lot of money for that camera and god dammit am I gonna get my money’s worth.

When it comes to the phone vs camera, phoneography vs photography debate, I guess it’s just up to you. Whatever you prefer. Whether you want to choose ease of transport or a cheeky blurred background. It’s totally your decision.