Orange is the New Black Denim Edition

Lol it only just occurred to me that just putting ‘orange is the new black’ might bring up a whole load of copyright laws and get me into a tinsy bit of trouble. So here we are, talking about orange denim. A sentence that I NEVER thought I would right on my blog.

If you had told me a year ago that my favourite ss18 piece in my wardrobe was an orange denim jacket I would have laughed in your face. Seriously.

But here we are, wearing it with far too many outfits on far too many occasions. And I loves it.

Coloured denim is such a huge trend right now and one that I am totally on board with- you can spruce up any plane outfit with a dash of coloured denim and BOOM, summer dressing.

I thought that I would put together my favourite coloured denim pieces on the high street right now because there are SO MANY GREAT ITEMS and I want them all.

Pink Denim

Orange Denim

Red Denim