Why Blogging Is Not (And Never Will Be) A Competition

Recently I wrote a post all about what happens when women stand together and how we can bring each other up. I spoke about online hate and women helping each other. I spoke about celebrating your blogging friends and using one another as a support network. I touched on the fact that bloggers need to support one another through comments, likes, shares, follows… but I want to expand on that. I want to talk about the blogging world and how ever-growing it is. It is such a huge market now and there are SO MANY of us, so providing support has never been so important.

Blogging is not a competition.

When I started blogging, it was far from what it is now. It wasn’t so saturated and wasn’t so vast. It wasn’t as difficult to be noticed as it is now and I think that has damaged a lot of blogger’s mind sets. They see the blogging world as a competition and, to put it simply, they compete with everyone around them. They strive to always do better than this blogger and that blogger, and they try to push their way to ‘the top’.

One major issue with this attitude is that they just see the whole blogging community in a negative way. I joined the community to get away from my real life, to meet new amazing girls and to just express myself in a safe community. But these competitors just have a negative view on everything. If a fellow blogger gets an opportunity that was not offered to them, instead of feeling proud they feel nothing but snide jealousy. And why?? Do they not realise that if everyone was offered the same opportunities then the community would just be doomed. None of us would be unique and none of our achievements could be celebrated?

When they see fellow bloggers gain followers or get reposted, you know that the only thing running through their mind is ‘why was that not me?’ and while everyone might have an occasional pang of jealousy when someone gets something AMAZING that you would have killed for, I think we can all agree that that jealous is quickly replaced with pride for their friends.

These kinds of people don’t understand that blogging is a two way street, if you don’t engage and participate in other blogger’s online spaces, then how do they expect others to engage with theirs?

Blogging is not a competition. It is not a place where only few can succeed and in order to get there, we need to fight everyone around us. Blogging is a community; its a place to escape and enjoy and just have bloody fun. Engaging with other bloggers and celebrating their success is SO MUCH MORE FUN than being aloof and having no blogging friends.

I love being able to celebrate my fellow bloggers and show my own followers why THEY ARE JUST SO DAMN GREAT.

There’s space for all of us out there in this every-growing online world. So lets never forget that blogging is not and never will be a competition.