Your Christmas Day Outfit Sorted

Dressing for Christmas day can be tricky. One the one hand you want to look hella sassy, hella cute and hella photo ready. But on the other hand you kind of want to stay in your pyjamas all day and, excuse me ELASTIC WAIST. Well you no longer have to way up comfort with looking festively cute because YA GIRL GOT YA BACK. I have got the perfect Christmas day outfit sorted which will look dapper in all the festive family photos but will also happily let you devour all those pigs in blankets.

So obviously, this elastic waist band is A MUST. This pair of New Look wide leg trousers are my fave thing at the moment. Firstly, burgundy.. TICK. Festive colours are a must on Christmas day and I will not accept anything other than reds, golds, greens or burgundies. Secondly, they are the stretchiest and comfiest trousers I have ever owned in my life, so I don’t need to spare on the pigs in blankets. Which is of course AMAZING.

I have paid the look with a plain black thin jumper because, I don’t know about you, but my house gets SO WARM on Christmas day. I think its a mixture of the cooking and the excitement and the fire.. so I wanted a thin jumper to keep me cosy but not overheat. I adore how the jumper looks tucked into the trousers!

If you are venturing out of the house on Christmas day, you mad people, then here is a cute coat and show combo. Chelsea boots. Of course. You cannot go wrong with a pair of chelsea boots and especially with the cropped hem of these trousers they look so cute! Although be prepared for cold ankles.

And to top it off we have the classic coat. I adore this long black coat and just how effortlessly classy it looks draped over this outfit. LOVE IT.

SO there you are! Your christmas day outfit SORTED. You. Are. Welcome.

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