The Pressure Of Christmas

Its Christmas season, the season of giving, the season of decorating and the season of feeling a HELLA LOTTA PRESSURE. Now I love Christmas. Fricking love it. I have already bought ALL of the christmas presents for this year and am currently sipping on a gingerbread latte as I type this post. But one thing that is VERY apparent over Christmas is the pressure that it brings. You’re suddenly flooded with gift guides and present ideas and stocking fillers. And not only that, your pinterest is FULL of amazing looking houses covered in tinsel and fairy lights and HOW THE HELL DO THEY GET THEIR BAUBLES SO SYMMETRICAL??

Christmas can be a tricky time and sometimes we forget that the internet isn’t real; yet we feel like sh*t anyway. We feel like we can’t afford to treat someone the way they deserve or we just don’t have the creativity and baking skills to create 20 reindeer cookies. So I am talking about how to take off a little bit of pressure this Christmas and just enjoy the festive season.


This can be such a tricky subject. Personally I love present buying and shopping for the people I love. But it can be hard when your bank balance resembles something out of Oliver Twist. But when it comes to presents, you need to remind yourself that its not about price, its about thought and love. I would much rather a present that was well thought through and that I would actually like than a 10,000 pound whatever that I would only use once. My point is, show them you love them through thought, not through how many zeros were at the end of the price tag.


Not everyone is a connoisseur in the kitchen. Heck I struggle making a stir fry. When it comes to Christmas and my feed is filled with all these insane baking masterpieces that MUST HAVE TAKEN HOURS, I get jealous. But the important thing to remember is we all have our own skills, not everyone is a master baker. If you are looking to impress people, I am telling you that Sainsbury’s christmas nibbles are something to be admired!


Christmas is a time for friends and family. But sometimes it can get a bit overwhelming when you have auntie Betty wanting to see you on monday, Uncle Robert on tuesday, cousin Tilda on Wednesday, Nanny on thursday, your co-workers on Friday and OMG WHERE HAS THE WEEK GONE. Sometimes its okay to decline an offer. You have the whole year to be able to see these people, dont force yourself to fit it all into one month. You’re only one person!


In every single vlogmas, there is a video of someone putting up a tree, showing you their baubles which cost £10 each from White Company and buying lights after lights to ensure every inch of the house is covered. ENOUGH. It doesnt matter if your baubles are from John Lewis or poundland; Christmas is still Christmas no matter how much you spent on decorating your home. My personal favourite bauble this year cost me £2 from Tiger and looks SO CUTE hanging on my tree. The point here is you don’t have to spend a bomb to make your place look like a winter wonderland. As long as it feels cosy and you are happy, that’s what matters.

I know that Christmas can be an overwhelming time full of anticipation and expectations, but sometimes we deserve to take that little bit of pressure off and let ourselves just enjoy it.